2012 Ringside Masters World Championships

This weekend, March 30 – 31, Ringside will host the first ever Ringside Masters World

2012 Ringside Masters World Championships

Championships in Kansas City, MO.  The tournament is open to men and women athletes over the age of 34.  More than 80 Masters competitors registered for the amateur boxing tournament, the most senior, an outstanding 77 years of age.    

All possible precautions are being implemented to insure the safety of the athletes.  The boxers are being required to compete in 16 oz. sparring gloves and well-padded headgear. Each round will be 1 minute in length.

Although Masters competition takes place at the Ringside World Championships every August, opportunities for Masters boxers to compete are still scarce, so Ringside felt it appropriate to provide another stage for these passionate, hard working and dedicated competitors to shine. 

John Brown, Owner/CEO of Ringside, Inc. and tournament director, states, “You would be

John Brown at Masters Tournament Orientation Meeting

amazed at the competition these mature folks provide. They have an incredible passion for the sport. Some have experience and some have none. All opponents are matched within 10 years in age, 10 pounds in weight, and equal experience. It makes me proud to be a part of such a special event.”

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2 thoughts on “2012 Ringside Masters World Championships

  1. Hi Ringside,
    I was wondering if anyone made a video of bout 16 on Friday night of Masters’ tournament 2012.
    I alot of people making videos.
    Can I get a copy.
    Bob Harvey-Master Boxer

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